Nathan and Jessie

Nathan and Jessie

 Temecula, California, USA

Jazzy bluesy gypsy folk


2 resonator guitars, 1 accordion, 1 female voice, 1 male voice, all original music.
International and national touring artists, our shows are interactive, fun and with a message for everyone. 

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If I could I would

Written By: Nathan Rivera

What you do
and what you say
are two separate things
like the night and day
and I tried so hard
just to understand
but you're a changing woman
and I'm a changing man
so you walk your way
and I'll walk mine
because a solid answer
is too hard to find
but I love you darling
like you know I do
and if I could I would
stay here with you.

Right here with you!

The best part is yet to come

Written By: Nathan Rivera

My time here is almost done
yeah soon I will be on the run
though the times can be tough
I can't stress it enough
that the best part is yet to come

I got a good book to pass the time
and I miss my dog that died
and though inside it may hurt
at least I know what its worth
to be a man unafraid to try
to be a man who is willing to try

My good friends have come and gone
they've all packed up and moved along
and just the other day I heard someone say
that the best part is yet to come

Some call it the coming of age
I call it the turn of the page
and when the answer is revealed
you will know how it feels
to be an animal freed from a cage

So many ways to get things done
If life is short I wanna have some fun
and though it hurts when we fall
well the truth of it all is
the best part has yet to come
they say the best part is yet to come

My bike

Written By: Nathan Rivera

Me and my bicycle
we are the best of friends
we will go anywhere
we will go everywhere

Wake in the morning
laugh at the bluest skies
there' something moving me
powered by my own two
I'm on my bicycle
Oh my best of friend
we will go anywhere
we will go everywhere

Ride to the city park
to see the willow tree
the weeping willow tree
but I'm not weeping
I'm on my bicycle...

Out on a lonesome ride
ooh got me thinking
another lonesome ride
but I'm not lonely
I'm on my bicycle...


Palm Reader (2013)

If I could I would (2015)

Set List

How far away

The best part is yet to come

Makes more sense

Bb blues

Me in the company of you

many many more!!!!